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Here is what you get:

You Get 1x Static Image in 16:9, 1×1, or 9–16
You get 1x Video between 15 and 30 Sec in 9–16 Aspect Ratio

Trial Conditions

You own all rights to the Material
You allow us to use the Output in Our Portfolio and Work Examples

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Embark on the Full MM-Helper Experience

A Unique Approach to Creative Solutions

Discovery Cally

In our Discovery Call, we lay the foundation for your creative vision. We discuss the type of creative needed, pinpointing the target audience to tailor our approach, assess available content, reference materials for our designers, and project deadlines to ensure your aspirations are fully understood.

Complete Onboarding

Our onboarding process introduces you to the full MM-Helper experience. We invite you to your personal task board, a central hub for managing everything from briefings for approvals to initial design drafts and final outcomes.

Crafting the Briefing

We translate insights from the Discovery Call into a detailed briefing. Presented for your approval, the briefing includes essential creative elements, must-haves for your project, and mood boards to encapsulate the envisioned aesthetic.

Design Execution

With an approved briefing, our design work begins. Our internal process kicks into gear as our designers, in collaboration with the project manager, meticulously craft your designs. Once ready, we present them for your final review and acceptance.